Sunday, December 03, 2006

Macs vs PCs; links

My friend Ted has discovered that because he has an older Mac he can’t have a blog himself and can’t comment on my blog. I have noticed that Mac users are utterly faithful and invariably love their computers, whereas Microsoft PC users invariably complain and curse theirs.

I have dropped three blogs from my link list. One hadn't posted since the beginning of August, one was too scattered and confusing to be followed and one just wasn't interesting enough to me. I notice that other blogs have very long lists of links, but I use my list to read every day and having a long one would mean I would never get anything else done. Still, I have room for a few others.


Zhoen said...

I have much the same criteria, except that I have not gone to the excessivley tedious (for me) effort to delete dead links, or add worthy new ones. Sheer laziness.

Mr Murray said...

I try to check your blog daily. I have worked extensively with Macs and PC's and like them all.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's looking for some direction - so any feedback is welcome.