Friday, December 01, 2006


My friend Ted has been trying to figure out how to leave comments. He even has got himself a Google account and password in order to do so. Still he can't do it. So he e-mailed his comment to my blog on creative writing, and I put his comment on under my own name. Others have told me they can't record comments. I would like to make the blog comment-friendly, but I can't figure out how.


Peter said...

I'm not sure, Nancy, but I have a Blogspot or Blogger account (same outfit as you), and perhaps that's why I can leave comments. I can also leave comments on some others, like Typepad, but there are the odd ones that simply won't let me in, no matter what. It could also be the browser Ted and company are using. At any rate, I suggest that Ted might open up a Blogger account (it's free, anyway) and use it--comments shouldn't ever be a problem then.

Zhoen said...

If you allow anonymous comments, that might help, if allowing in spammers. I'd contact blogger, there might be a problem. It's happened before.