Sunday, December 10, 2006

Change Made Palpable

The new people in back of us have bedecked their deck with Christmas lights which they left on all night so that they were twinkling when I came up to the study at 5:30 AM. The people next door to them have lights in back too but they put theirs out when they go to bed. Except for a wreath, we don’t even decorate the front of our house. Decorating with Christmas lights seems to be the creation of the men in the family. I wonder if they do it for the creative pleasure of it or just because the neighbours do. We live right at the curve of our short street, and not one of the five houses on the curve has lights, so that our section does seem to be lacking in Christmas spirit. At Halloween, three of these houses were in darkness, signifying “Don’t come here for treats.” We used to have over a hundred kids come but for the last few years, we have had only 20. In the beginning, forty years ago, our short street had 53 children. Now we are down to eight.

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Zhoen said...

When I was small, our family, being the only one with children in the street, received many gifts of ancient ornaments from elderly neighbors who no longer put up a tree. I liked the blown glass balls and santas, but the thought of not putting up a tree at Christmas was inconceivable to me.

I am thinking I won't bother with a tree this year.