Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still in this World

A combination of a lot of distracting talk around me, a lot of spam to clear away on my e-mail, and only 30 minutes on the library computer has spoiled my dream of posting while I am away. I shall return.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Challenge Met

Here I am posting to my blog in the library. I have only 30 minutes, so I won't be as long winded as I usually am. I have read The Red Tent, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, House Thinking, and a Carolyn Roe mystery, A Draught for a Deadman. The No. 1 Ladies is quite different from what I imagined -- I can see why my friend likes the series so well. The central character is indeed a lovable creature. The Roe mystery is like the Brother Cadfael series, in that you are treated to historical settings as well as to interesting characters and of course a mystery to be solved. The House Thinking is like some of this kind of book -- there is a premise which after a while seems to be labored. One of its most interesting themes is the desirability of having both refuge and prospect in a home -- vistas and coziness -- and that men like a ratio of more prospect than refuge and women vice-versa. The Red Tent is quite a tour de force -- very convincing.

I have been writing about my grandfather, my mother's father, and I will put some of that on this blog the next time.

Thanks to poor mad peter for his advice.