Monday, April 23, 2007

Everett Coogler

One night 37 years ago, Bill woke me up. “Listen to this.” He read me the first Everett Coogler poem. I thought, He’s gone completely around the bend, but in the morning I realized that wasn’t it at all. He had created a wonderful character and what would become the first of many poems about Coogler. Bill is a wonderful reader of his own poetry, not too dramatic, but dramatic enough, not the usual drone. People laughed uproariously and Coogler became much beloved.

The Lament of Everett Coogler

17 years at
The same stand,
Everett Coogler,
Would say,
That life is a stream rushing on,
Alive with


Mr Murray said...

That last part almost put me off the scent.

litlove said...

What a wonderful poem! It has a haiku-like depth and simplicity.

Peter said...

Less is definitely more. Good stuff!

Zhoen said...

Yup, tell Bill he has a fan.