Sunday, April 29, 2007


Bill had his bronchoscopy Friday. The surgeon said it takes about 7 days to get the results of the tests and to phone his office Thursday. He said, “The light didn’t shine through the lesion, which is good, because it shows that it isn’t far in.” I don’t have a clue as to what that means and so cling to the word “good.” Here’s Bill's second Coogler poem.

Everett Coogler as an Emblem of Cosmic Brotherhood

The Everett Coogler who every morning
Unrolls his awning
And opens his stand
And is ready for business
And whatever the day will bring
Stands shoulder to shoulder
And brother to brother
To the Anti-Everett Cooglers
Unrolling their awnings
And opening stands
On the ass-end
Side of the moon Coogler poem.


Zhoen said...

I am befuddled and bemused.

I'm going to take a guess on light shining through. A lesion that is dense, like scar, and thick, would not let through light, benign stuff. Bad stuff would either have eroded the tissue, making it thinner, or be filled with blood vessels or fluid, and so transparent. More complicated than that, but it's a hook to hang your "good" on, perhaps.

My best to Bill.

Peter said...

Good news, NR. By the way, your message seems to be double-posted somehow. Made for somewhat challenging reading on my browser...

Nancy Ruth said...

Thank you both. Your explanation did shed some light on the situation (i couldn't resist the bad pun!)Zhoen. No, really, that makes sense and gives me some idea what that is all about. And thanks poor mad peter -- I had somehow double-posted. I think I have corrected it.