Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Benefit of Age

I have received the first negative feedback on my column. I am surprised I didn’t receive it before. The president of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick denounced me for writing about the spiraling down of the organization. I am pleased with myself because this didn’t bother me at all. In the past I would have been upset. When I said I would write this column, my son said that at my age I had earned the right to write boldly what I wanted. Only one of the six columns, however, has been negative.

I am now polishing a column about the negative impression that the rest of Canada has about New Brunswick and how art contributes to this impression. When we have guests from other parts, they are invariably surprised at what a nice place this is, how beautiful, how friendly and courteous the people are. I was discussing this with a doctor who has come from British Columbia into our neighborhood. I mentioned that when we try to get out of our subdivision onto the busy street leading to the malls, we never have to wait more than a minute; someone always stops and lets us in. His face lit up with a smile because he too had noticed this. He is impressed with how collegial the medical community is.


Zhoen said...

If you bother no one, it probably isn't art.

Canadians are polite. NB's are polite for Canadians?

Peter said...

Art is more elastic than that.

Maritimers and westerners are both geometrically more polite than Ontarians.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever say a cross word on my blog, but when I do, someone always comments in a very negative fashion about it. Am I not allowed? I have this lingering suspicion that my femaleness means I am supposed to be sunshine and smiling and that deviations from this norm are not welcome. Good on you for writing what you want to say and not caring what others think.

Mr Murray said...

I am having some difficulties with my internet services - so I haven't had time to add to my blog for some time. While I have managed a connection - I had to catch-up on yours - and am more than happy that you may have lit a fire under the writer's federation. As for Fredericton drivers - well, they're better than here. My mother always said, 'if you can't say something nice about someone, you must be talking about your siblings.'