Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Camera

My husband and I bought a digital camera as a present to each other for our 50th anniversary. The photo below is one of the first I have taken with it. Bill spotted this nest (wasp?) attached to a branch of a tree in our backyard. I used the zoom capacity to get the photo. I am curious what kind of a nest it is -- we watched it for a while but saw nothing coming in or out. Another Country and sbpoet manage to put stunning photos on their blogs -- wonderful colors and resolution. Something to aim for.

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Peter said...

I have found that the best way to put photos on your blog is to got to www.flickr.com and start an account there.

Once you've done that, uploading photos is easy. And from flickr, you can easily pass them over to your text blog.

The reason that i recommend this is that at flickr, people can see your photos in the original size (impossible on the text blog)--chances are, that's how they are best viewed. So if someone likes what they see on your text blog, there's an automatic link to the original posting on flickr.

flickr is free (with limitations, of course).