Monday, July 24, 2006

Musing About Our Church

Over a period of perhaps six years, eight retired ministers have joined our church. Am I right in thinking that this may suggest that somehow we have become a pretty good church? Maybe it is hubris to think that. Knock on wood, but we seem to have been free of controversy for quite a long time. Partly this is because one of the United Churches in our area has an ultra conservative minister so that many of its members have joined our church. Thus, we are becoming more and more homogeneous. The church has become a lively place with much good work being done. Good works are important, but the people of the congregation have to be fed spiritually as well, and we have two excellent preachers, an annual retreat, and an interesting weekend seminar among other feasts. What does make a good church anyway? Part of it, as I wrote in a previous post, is having a community, a family, with a common purpose. The congregation has to be pushed out of complacency but it also can’t be led into constant bickering.

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litlove said...

Would the other part of it (although I agree absolutely with the sustainable community) be a kind of gift of spiritual liveliness? I imagine what I would want would be a mixture of the pragmatic community with the enigmatically spiritual. A sense of peace and goodness and insight, perhaps?