Thursday, March 20, 2008

Once More, Without Music

This has been a dreadful winter with very cold temperatures relieved only when it snows. After Bill’s hospital bout and recovery from pneumonia, cold air bothers him a lot. His COPD and his missing lung lobe probably don’t help. At the moment there is freezing rain which is supposed to change to rain when the temperature goes above zero (above 32 F). We were planning to go to the grocery store but can’t decide if we should chance it. The chief meteorologist of Canada predicts that we will have a colder and wetter than normal spring. I say to myself, Don’t complain. You could be living in Darfur. You could be suffering from some incurable painful disease. You could be out of food altogether. Etc.

I somehow have got a little ahead in my column writing, the tax stuff is with the accountant, the planned grocery foray is on hold, and I want to resume my blog. For one thing, I miss the others on my blogroll.


Anonymous said...

good weblog...hope be successful always.

Zhoen said...

Good to hear from you again, as always.

I had a vet counselor tell me that the worst pain he had was when he was hit by shrapnel. But at the moment he gets a papercut, that it the worst. Pain is not to be compared, between people, nor even from one moment to another.