Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am just getting caught up reading other people’s blogs. Some entries are long and dense, but interesting, so I will go back to read them again. Yesterday a woman who runs a twice monthly reading series asked me to fill in this afternoon for a poet who has laryngitis. This morning I am wondering why I said yes since I have so much to do. I was, however, intending to go to the reading anyway. I decided to read the ailing poet’s poem which addresses another poet, dead more than 20 years. In the poem, Robert Gibbs addresses Alden Nowlan who addresses John Keats and Samuel Johnson. I like the idea of Nancy addressing Robert addressing Alden addressing John and Samuel. A set of nested Russian wooden dolls. Or six degrees of separation. I am going to read an old, unpublished story, partly because I can’t remember which stories I have read publicly in recent times. In the story I am imagining ideal readers, so Nancy will be reading to an audience about writing for an ideal audience. When Alison asked me to fill in for Bob, I thought I would read the beginning of the novel I am working on but that would necessitate my typing it and I don’t have time. I know from bitter experience that I can’t read from my own handwriting. Now I have to steel myself to go down cellar to see if it is flooded. Yesterday and last night we had snow and then terrific rain and melting.


Mr Murray said...

I wasn't certain if your cellar flooded. My house, which may have been built about the same time - and close to yours - flooded. Then, while renovating, I realized that the wooden frames in the foundation windows had never had proper caulking or sealents set between the wood and the concrete. When I changed the windows, the flooding stopped. This was after lots of energ and money had been spent looking for cracks in the concrete walls. This was all confirmed when a technician who worked for me confirmed that as a student - he had installed those same windows without any caulking.

Nancy Ruth said...

No, happily, the basement didn't flood. We haven't had any flooding since Carl Pond (did you know him?) fixed the problem. He also fixed another problem. A good man. When we first moved in, our basement windows flooded too, and then we had window cells put in.