Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Tomorrow is the first anniversary of this blog. It has wiggled and wobbled from subject to subject. What wiggles and wobbles at the bottom of the sea? A nervous wreck. I have got off the subject of tracing my way. I have noticed that other people periodically change the focus of their blogs. I think I will try that, but what should the focus be?

What I didn’t anticipate was the great fun of meeting up with other people and becoming interested in their lives and opinions. I have added and subtracted blogs from my blogroll because I realized after a while that I couldn’t read too many regularly; there just was not enough time. I do occasionally think to myself that since there are millions of blogs, there probably are quite a few by people who would turn out to be kindred spirits. I wish I had kept a journal of how I came to the blogs I regularly read. Usually it was “way leads on to way.” to quote Robert Frost.

I hadn’t remembered until today that I had started the blog on the anniversary of my mother’s death. I don’t know if I was aware at the time, although it was serendipitous because the first few posts are about her naming of me.


Zhoen said...

It's like friends, they ebb and flow, change, disappear. Different people in different stages of life, sometimes resonating, other times clashing.

Mr Murray said...

We may have fundamental sentiments that are undeniably 'us,' but I've always felt that holding to themes for long times in the arts is somehow artificial or unhealthy - although others may describe those obsessions as passion or inspiration. Human perception is usually better served by change.

Joseph Duemer said...

I've shifted around a lot over the course of five years blogging. Doesn't have to be just one thing.