Monday, January 01, 2007

Labeling 2

I finished labeling and then consolidating the labels into fewer categories. I think I can consolidate some more. This may be a waste of time, who knows. I have a favorite joke. A farmer is holding a pig up to an apple tree. The pig grabs an apple, chows it down, and the farmer holds it up to another apple. This goes on a while. A man comes along and asks what the farmer is doing. "Feeding my pig." "Isn't that a time-consuming way to feed a pig?" The farmer says, "What's time to a darn fool pig." I laughed so hard when I was told that joke that my stomach hurt (you know the sensation.) "What's time to a darn fool pig" has been one of my mantras ever since.


Zhoen said...

All I could think of were people at work who do tasks in the most difficult, backward way possible, and any suggestion for change is met with a blank incomprehension.

That, and a 'funniest' video show, with a guy holding a cat up to swat at bugs near a light.

Nancy Ruth said...

Comment from Ted re time and the darn fool pig: Life on earth spent how many years before moving from bacteria to more complex forms? Like us. Billions of years. Intelligent design? Rather, trial and error and incredible coincidences. God as Creator had LITERALLY all the time in the world. Did He have to be more conscious than a darn fool pig?
This is NOT irreverent.