Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A New Blog Challenge

I have a new blogging challenge to meet. We are going away to Maine. Will I be able to post, using the library computer? At first I thought I could write some paragraphs and have the man who will stay here post them for me, but I was afraid that would unduly complicate things for him.

I am taking these books:
An Alexander McCall Smith detective story, because a friend admires his work greatly and because she says it is fun to read
Anita Diamant, The Red Tent, because my daughter gave it to me after reading it herself and wants to know what I think of it
Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees – someone gave it to me with a strong recommendation, but I can’t remember who

Four books by and about Elizabeth Bishop – because I have to write a review of God and Elizabeth Bishop

We will stop at Borders in Bangor, and I will look for Winifred Gallagher, House Thinking, and Philip Zaleski, Prayer, because I read reviews that made them sound as if I might like them.

I will get some Brother Cadfael mysteries from the local library. They seem to have a complete collection.


Peter said...

The short is, yes you can access your blog froma remote location. If the library has a public internet access site (CAP site, right?). just use their browser (likely Internet Explorer), and type in your blog's URL.

Then, click on Blogger in the upper left hand corner, and be prepared to deliver your user name and password. As you have 6(?) blogs, you'll also need to specify which blog you want to update.

From there, it's the usual procedure to update.

Enjoy your holiday!

litlove said...

Have a wonderful break away. I'm hoping in the meantime to get hold of one of your books to read. I'll see if they are available in the UK, and if not, I have a sister-in-law in Toronto whom I will commission!