Monday, April 17, 2006

What's In A Blog?

I am trying to discover what elements of the blog as a literary genre make a successful one. The blog is not quite published raw diary, and yet not quite finely edited journal either. I have been looking at various blogs and can see that the personal should be there, to let a potential reader know he will be interested in what the blogger has to say, to let the reader hear the voice behind the posts. Some interesting information that a reader might find useful and the ability to connect what the blogger is saying about his personal life to the life of the reader can be there. I have written novels, short stories, and art journalism (profiles of artists and reviews of exhibits and books) – what elements do each of these have in common with a blog? Can a blog have narrative thrust, plot? I have sat in on several different writer’s groups where we read to each other what we have written the previous week, and this has lead to my ability to hear those writers’ voices behind what they have written. The newspaper stated last week that one blog is being constructed every second, so it stands to reason that there will be people out there whose interests I share. But how to find those blogs? May Sarton’s published journals read like a blog although you know they have been edited thoroughly. A blog has the advantage of being of the moment, unedited.

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