Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am having trouble writing backwards for my blog. What I wrote first goes to the back. In tracing my way from birth, I began at the beginning, logically, but I should have begun with the present. Some novelists write the end of a novel first, then a section in the middle, and only then the beginning. I can’t work that way. The other difficulty I have is comprehending the nature of a possible reader. Last night I was a guest lecturer at a class of second language students, five from China, one from Japan, one from Yugoslavia, who were reading my novel, Samara the Wholehearted. I have talked to the instructor’s class for several years and have had students from Bhutan, Latin-America, Norway – many other places. What do they make of this novel, I always wonder.

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Mr Murray said...

I enjoy reading your blog in reverse - it keeps everything refreshing. - Lauchlin